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We strive to find and deliver the best value main course meats to your doorstep. Backed by our 12 month satisfaction guarantee, including against freezer burn. Our goal is to create long term relationships with our customers, built on personal service and quality products, at good prices.

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Steak perfection takes time

Quality restaurants don't want meat that hasn't been aged at least 21 days. The problem is that grocery stores, big box stores and many butcher shops do not offer aged beef.

This is where MAINCOURSE WHOLESALE comes in. We have access to the restaurant suppliers that supply many local fine restaurants. Fresh cut aged beef and other unique cuts are available upon request. We have taken the most popular cuts of Steak, Seafood, Chicken and Pork and created value packages that gives the whole family freedom of choice, backed by a 12 month satisfaction guarantee.

**Prices may vary depending on order. Ask your personal representative for details.

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Buying Smarter, Eating Better


"Becoming a Vegetarian

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- Unknown

No better advertisement than a

Happy Customer

"I am on my third purchase from Maincourse Wholesale and have been delighted with each. The quality of the meat is top shelf and the friendly service is a nostalgic throwback to the milkman of my youth."

- Chris Coates, Fire Marshal, Lakewood, Washington

"Wanted to give a huge thanks to MAINCOURSE WHOLESALE. The quality of the meat is great and the deals are fantastic! ... been buying close to 5 years now." 

- Sharon Sterling, South Tacoma, Washington

"My favorite animal is Steak."

- Fran Lebowitz

"MAINCOURSE WHOLESALE has been great to deal with. Always friendly and knowledgeable and provides a great service. Quality is at the forefront. I would highly recommend their services for anyone looking for high end service and products."

- Randy,

Tacoma Washington

We have been using Maincourse Wholesale 

for the past couple of years. It is very affordable and the meat is high quality. My kids are picky eaters but they love everything 

Maincourse has to offer. The Steaks are lean and delicious and the Seafood is incredible! We always look forward to their deliveries. We would recommend Maincourse Wholesale to anybody!"

- Jonathan & Jennifer Audette, Fircrest, Washington

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We've been using Maincourse Wholesale for a couple years. The meat is great and Troi always stays in touch in case we're running low. Thanks again Maincourse!"

- John & Joann

Lakewood, WA

MAINCOURSE WHOLESALE is fantastic. I love the selection and quality of all of their products. The aged steaks are my ultimate favorite. I have not purchased steaks or seafood anywhere else since I started purchasing from Maincourse Wholesale."

- Ayanna, Tacoma, Washington

Maincourse Wholesale is one of the first choices for me if I wanted to get meat in bulk and fill my freezer up with good quality food. Plus they come right to your door."

- Kinyoce Chapman,

Tacoma, Washington

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Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon and T-Bone St


Buying Smarter, Eating Better


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